Political Analyst Professor Ivor Sarakinsky has attributed Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane‘s rescheduling of his media briefing to last-minute negotiations in the party.

Maimane will address the media this afternoon at Nkululeko House in Johannesburg.

There is speculation that Maimane will resign from the position of party leader when he briefs the media at this hour.

Sarakinsky says the negotiations come ahead of the implementation of the recommendations of the so-called “Organisational Review Report” that Maimane should vacate office.

Sarakinsky says there is a lot at play, including a clash in ideology.  “For Helen Zille to have won that election, she had to have got vote from black DA members. There is no way she didn’t get votes from them. At the same time, white people were supporting Mmusi Maimane camp in the DA. So, it’s not simply a racial thing. It’s an ideological thing – a policy thing and leadership thing and you’ve got loose alliances forming as people try and address their particular issues and pressures. ”

The DA’s Federal Executive (FedEx) is currently meeting at the party’s headquarters in Bruma following the the resignation of Herman Mashaba as Johannesburg Metro Mayor on Monday.

The FedEx is also discussing the “Organisational Review Report” which has strongly accused Maimane of inconsistent and indecisive leadership, saying this has led to factionalism in the party.

The FedEx is looking for a replacement for the mayoral position, which Mashaba has left vacant.

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