Renowned scientist champions female researchers in Africa

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World-renowned scientist Dr. Kogie Naidoo asserts that female scientists in Africa can compete globally in generating groundbreaking research.

Naidoo’s statement comes after she was awarded the Outstanding Female Scientist Prize from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) in France.

Naidoo, the Head of the TB-HIV Treatment Research Programme at the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), has made significant contributions in the field of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) research over the past two decades.

She expressed her humility upon receiving the award, emphasizing that her work is primarily driven by a desire to improve the health and lives of local communities.

PODCAST | CAPRISA’s Kogie Naidoo discusses winning the Outstanding Female Scientist Prize in France:

“It was a journey of more than two decades of persistence and intensive research,” Naidoo stated.

“Research is incremental, as you build on work that was done and advance on existing knowledge. So, it’s an advanced and slow process, a rigorous process and it requires a lot of dedication. So, I feel humbled to be recognised in this way. I feel the recognition values my contribution to society.”

Naidoo says her achievements serve as a testament to the exceptional capabilities of female scientists in Africa and underscore their potential to make significant strides in scientific advancements worldwide.

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