‘Removal of Judges Hlophe, Motata a historic moment in SA’

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Judiciary monitoring body, Judges Matter, has described the removal of suspended Judge President John Hlophe and retired Judge Nkola Motata as a historic moment in South Africa.

Members of Parliament voted in favour of the removal of the two judges, yesterday.

They will become the first judges in democratic South Africa to be impeached.

The body’s Research and Advocacy Officer, Zikhona Ndlebe, says the ball is now in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s court to make the final call.

Ndlebe says, “So the National Assembly has voted in favour of the removal of the two judges, so the President has to make the final decision, send them a letter confirming that both have been removed as judges from their office.”

“They are no longer judges and that has the implication of them not having those benefits that they have had for so many years. For Nkola Motata you know he is retired, for Judge President Hlophe, he was suspended but he was still receiving his benefits. So now, the President makes the final call,” she adds.

Interview with Zikhona Ndlebe: