Religious leaders must ensure lockdown regulations are adhered to: SACC

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Churches will be allowed to hold their first services on Sunday, June 7th, since the start of the lockdown.

Below are the regulations for lockdown Level 3

Religious gatherings of up to 50-people are permitted across South Africa’s churches, mosques, synagogues and temples under the Level 3 regulations.
SACC President, Reverend Ziphozihle Siwa, says people need not rush to their places of worship – as not all institutions are prepared for congregants.
“Each local church has its own rules on how to discipline. The leadership who do not play the game and so the responsibility is on the local congregation pastor and the local leadership committee. So they are going to make sure those are followed and the church leaders have the responsibility to ensure that their local leadership will obey and will be punished by the local congregation because the SACC does not do the punishing but the local congregations do that.”
In the audio below, SACC has releases COVID-19 church readiness guideline: 
In the video below, religious leaders welcome the reopening of places of worship: