The Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) has welcomed, with cautious optimism, the new level three lockdown restrictions announced last night, saying businesses need to continue operating amid the pandemic.

In terms of the regulations, the curfew now starts at 10pm and end at 4am. Non-essential businesses such as restaurants, bars and fitness centres will need to close by 9pm daily.

Alert Level 3:


RASA CEO, Wendy Alberts says, “When I think back on how we stood as a very decimated industry in January on the brink of collapse to where we are today and how government certainly does recognise the integrity of the industry, and doing everything that they can to be able to keep us economically open and to bring the least amount of economic impact on our businesses, so whilst we are not entirely happy with the entire restrictions that have been put on us, the restaurateurs out there have breathed a sigh of relief that we are still able to keep people employed in our businesses.”

Liquor Association’s reaction

The SA Liquor Brand Owners Association has approved government’s decision to keep the liquor industry open under the level 3 lockdown.

Last night President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that retail alcohol sales would only be allowed between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Thursday.

Onsite consumption of alcohol at places like restaurants will be allowed until 9pm.

SA Liquor Brand Owners Association chairman  Sibani Mngadi says there’s an urgent need for the government to explain why the sale of alcohol is banned over the weekend.

“There’s an urgent need for government to explain the rationale behind restricting retail alcohol sales over the weekend. We do believe that this approach undermines the interest of hardworking people who have no opportunity to purchase during the working days and it is the arbitrary decision that really does not serve the interest of the lower-income group.”