Ramaphosa wishes Americans the best as they ‘seek to stabilise their democracy’

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ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa says what is happening in America is a clear indication that democracy is fragile.

Democratic party members of the US House of Representatives have circulated the draft of a new impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump.

In the draft Trump is accused of high crimes and misdemeanors including incitement of an insurrection. This comes after his supporters launched an assault on the Capitol building in Washington DC.

Speaking in an interview with SABC News, Ramaphosa said Americans were capable of addressing their problems.

“All we can say is that we wish them the best as they seek to bring stability in their own democracy. Because what happened shook the foundations of their democracy and indeed it shook a lot of many people around the world – well we wish them luck and we wish them very well. They have got to handle it in terms of their constitution and in terms of their own processes.”

Zanu-PF’s claims baseless

The ANC President also dismissed as baseless an allegation by a Zanu-PF spokesperson about the governing party’s controversial trip to Zimbabwe during the national lockdown.

Zanu-PF spokesperson, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, has threatened to leak a bombshell about the motivation behind that meeting.

Ramaphosa, however, says there was nothing wrong with the meeting. He says the ANC delegation, led by the party’s secretary general Ace Magashule, was sent to Zimbabwe to have talks with Zanu-PF on issues affecting the two political parties.

“ZANU-PF is a sister party to us we have deep and strong links with Zanu-PF – it was one to express concern and find out what’s  happening to see the extent to which we can be supportive and also fully understand precisely what is happening – as far as we concerned there is nothing amidst there is noting that we could say we to hide in as far as sending that delegation.”

Ramaphosa’s post January 8 Statement interview with SABC News: