Public seems to be targeting Zille: Trollip

Helen Zille
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Chairperson Athol Trollip says South Africans and the media need to be fair and hold every political leader accountable for any controversial statements they make on social media.

A Twitter storm broke out after Western Cape Premier Helen Zille posted yet another controversial tweet about her definition of black privilege.

Trollip says the public seems to be targeting Zille’s views alone, while other political figures like Ace Magashule, are not confronted about their questionable tweets.

He says everyone needs to be held accountable for the actions, not just Zille.

“There are many comments on social media that are aimed at the DA and other cultural and racial groups in this country that go completely undetected.”

“They seem to zone in on everything that Helen Zille does. But we as a party we will look at it again and we will deal with it as leadership. But I also want to just say let us just please be fair in this country.”

“There are tweets being put out by people like Ace Magashule on a daily basis and the media hardly gives them any attention and each is more outrageous than the next.”

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