Psychiatrist testifies in alleged parliament arsonist’s case

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The ongoing proceedings in the High Court in Cape Town will hear the testimony of Dr. Thupana Seshoka, the leading psychiatrist from Fort England Psychiatric Hospital in Grahamstown.

Dr. Seshoka, who spearheaded the panel of three experts responsible for assessing the alleged Parliament arsonist Zandile Mafe, shed light on critical insights into Mafe’s mental health condition.

The panel’s comprehensive evaluation revealed that Mafe suffers from schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder characterised by a distorted perception of reality.

The psychiatric report finds Mafe unable to follow court proceedings:

Dr. Seshoka emphasised that Mafe’s condition rendered him unable to fully comprehend the gravity of the allegations levelled against him, highlighting the complex interplay between mental health and the ability to engage with legal proceedings.

During the court proceedings, Dr. Seshoka also revealed that Mafe’s admission at the psychiatric hospital extended beyond the initially planned duration of one month. The prolonged stay was attributed to challenges faced in locating Mafe’s family in Kimberley, contributing to delays in the assessment process and the subsequent determination of Mafe’s mental health status.

The court inquiry into Mafe’s fitness to stand trial remains a focal point of the legal proceedings, with Mafe disputing the findings of two psychiatric reports.

Alleged arsonist Zandile Mafe admits to burning down Parliament: