President of the Medical Research Council Professor Glenda Gray has called on government to ensure that there’s visible policing in all corners of the country. Her call follows heightened concerns of a second wave in the coronavirus (COVID-19) if people and businesses do not stick to hygiene protocols.

People are still expected to wear masks, practice social distancing, and wash hands regularly.

Another 1622 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in South Africa bringing the cumulative number of infections to 715 868. 24 people have died from COVID, taking the national death toll to 18 968.

Professor Gray adds that police must conduct themselves responsibly.

“I worry about police brutality, people being beaten up and dying at the hands of police. There’s a difference between visible policing and supporting the citizens in changing their behaviour and being brutal and we must just be careful that we don’t cross that line. And so those kinds of things reinforce good behaviour. We also have to ask our citizens to peer manage each other and say where is your mask, why did you not wash your hands and try to encourage this kind of reflex behaviour.”

Meanwhile, a group of medical doctors calling themselves the Scientists Collective has written a document called, Anticipating a second wave, and when and how South Africans should try to prevent or mitigate it.

One of the contributors, Dr. Aslam Dasoo says the only cause of the pandemic is in the citizen’s hands and the only effective measures are for the public to take the measures that have been outlined.

In the video below is Dr Aslam Dasoo: