‘Our government is under danger’

Itumeleng Andrew Babeile
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Itumeleng Andrew Babeile was born in Huhudi in Vryburg. While attending Vryburg High School, he had a fight with a white schoolmate and was arrested. While in prison, Babeile received a visit from Nelson Mandela who gave him money to buy study material.

He was inspired to pursue his academics after his release from prison. He has encouraged others not to give up.

“That dream of me becoming a lawyer is not something that was a part time.  It’s a journey that is still continuing.  I’m still in that process, no matter how long it will take me, or no matter how far it will take me.  It’s an ambition that is within me.  And it’s an encouragement to the learners, and to the students, not to give up, to study and become academics in the country.”