African People’s Convention leader and former chairperson of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Themba Godi says the current crisis facing power utility Eskom makes it inevitable that the SOE should be privatised.

Godi was responding to an earlier media conference by Eskom management on current blackouts hitting the country.

Godi says, “So I stand by my view and all that has happened that we moving in that direction [of Eskom being privatised].”

Godi added that the question of privatising Eskom is a policy decision that has to be made by the government and not by Eskom executives and the Board.

Godi’s full interview:

Some political parties are calling for the resignation of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter.

They’re accusing government of using a lackluster approach in solving the energy crisis in the country.

South Africa has seen rolling blackouts for about two weeks as Eskom announced ongoing generation capacity shortages.

De Ruyter says he will not resign from his position at the embattled SOE despite the rolling blackouts experienced in the country and growing calls for him to step down.

He says the energy crisis that has gripped the country cannot be solved with a change in leadership. The energy crisis has ripple effects and with the country fresh off the heels of an election, political parties are presenting solutions to the problem.