Oil spillage in Durban caused by crude pipeline theft

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The KwaZulu-Natal Environmental Affairs Department will work with Transnet to ensure that the company’s infrastructure is protected from theft.

On Tuesday night, the department had to urgently implement a 24 hour spill containment operation after a Transnet crude oil pipeline was stolen in Durban.

The oil spillage spread to the Umbilo River, Bellair, and other areas in Durban.

Spill containment operations are currently underway in some of the affected areas.

MEC Nomusa Dube Ncube says, “The pipe is about 2 meters down, so it is clear that this is the work of a highly professional syndicate, who knows what they are doing. That is why we are taking this matter very seriously and we are going to be in touch with law enforcement agencies to ensure that from now on we know that there have been cases like this and now that they have tightened the security on that side. They are now moving this side of the south, we are now with Transnet to ensure that we tighten the security measures.”

Transnet records more than 80 incidents of fuel theft and attempted theft