Niger witnesses a decline in COVID-19 cases

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Niger has witnessed a decline in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks following a surge.

The country has a total number of 4 695 cases, 4 152 recoveries and 169 deaths.

In a statement released by the World Health Organisation, Niger Public Health Minister Botto Ahmet says they strengthened tracing in order to curb the spread of infections.

“The second wave of infections began in November 2020 in Niger. We recorded 3405 cases between November and 8 February, accounting for 74% of the total number of cases registered so far. Currently, we’re witnessing a decrease in cases, with cumulative weekly cases falling from 1.8 cases per 100 000 people to 0.43 per 100 000 people. To curb the spread of infections, we strengthened tracing of contacts of travellers who tested positive. Initially, in the second wave there was a huge number of travellers who were testing positive but were asymptomatic.”

“We also provided a response package comprising treatment, investigation, contact-tracing, infection prevention and control as well as counselling for patients in one site. This helped with acceptance of treatment. Additionally, we launched systematic screening of at-risk population groups [migrants or people in displacement sites] and isolation which contributed to lowering community spread,” Ahmet added.

Below is the full statement: