National shutdown is for workers to express their anger to govt: COSATU

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Trade Federation COSATU has called on all workers across the country to join a national shutdown on Thursday aimed at addressing the country’s socio-economic challenges.

The Federation says the strike taking place across major urban centres in all nine provinces is an opportunity for workers across the country to express their anger to government.

COSATU Parliamentary Convenor Matthew Parks says the strike aims to address the shortcomings of government while demonstrating workers’ frustrations.

“Government has to act fast as must the private sector, we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. It’s to tell the leadership of the country to take this crisis seriously. COSATU also wants to make clear to all workers that this is a protected strike. So, all workers can participate, they are protected from being victimised by employers. If threatened, they should alert COSATU to intervene or the affiliated union.”

Parks says the move to take to the streets is necessary.

“The economy continues to limp along with record levels of load shedding which is crippling the economy. With huge levels of cable theft crippling Transnet and Metrorail but equally the message also goes to employers in the private sector, they need to pay workers a living wage to stop retrenching workers and to help grow this economy. We are calling on government’s interventions on doubling the grants and to increase employment programs to accommodate at least two million young people to help them gain a salary and gain experience.”

VIDEO | COSATU calls for National Day of Action: