Ms K concurred with the affidavit of Mr Y: State Capture Inquiry evidence leader Paul Pretorius

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Unidentified witness, Ms K, will continue testifying at the State Capture Inquiry on Friday.

On Thursday, the commission heard evidence relating to various covert operations undertaken by the State Security Agency’s Directorate for Special Operations.

Among them were Operation Hollywood, aimed at spying on high profile persons, Project Lungisa, to counter the activities of those deemed to be undermining the state and Operation Sisonke, set up to stop the so-called Cape Town “poo protests”.

In some instances, it was found that so-called service providers invoicing the SSA for millions did not exist.

The video below is the live stream from Thursday:

Ms K concurred with the affidavit of Mr Y as read out by Evidence leader Paul Pretorius on the details of Operation Justice.

“Amounts of R1.2 million and R4.5 million were regularly taken from the SSA and allegedly hand-delivered to Minister Mahlobo who is reported to be the person making onward payments on behalf of Operation Justice.”

“One of the implicated individuals confirmed that she had personally delivered R4.5 million to Minister Mahlobo’s office on at least three occasions. What do you say about the paragraph? Yes, I [Ms K] can confirm that, that was what was said and in writing by the implicated individual.”

The video below is the live stream from Thursday:

On Thursday, the commission also heard that the State Security Agency (SSA) guarded former President Jacob Zuma’s presidential aircraft despite the fact that it had not been catered for in its budget.