Mpumalanga residents bemoan the poor attitude of healthcare workers

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The Mpumalanga Department of Health says it is committed to delivering adequate healthcare services to the province.

Despite several healthcare facilities having opened in the area since 1994, some residents remain dissatisfied with the state of the province’s healthcare centres and the disruption in service delivery.

Some patients claim they have been harassed by medical personnel.

“When I got to ward four, I heard the nurses discussing how they were going to get rid of me because I previously reported one of them to management. It started there, nurses ill-treating me, talking to me rudely.”

“My wife gave birth in Barberton Hospital, a public hospital. The things that she told me weren’t nice to hear. You should have seen the kind of treatment that she got in there and the way the nurses spoke to her. We need to do something about it. I don’t know if the current government is going to do anything.”