Molewa concerned over lack of transformation in biodiversity sector

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Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, has expressed concern over a lack of transformation in the biodiversity sector.

Speaking at a Biodiversity Indaba in East London, Molewa said the private sector largely dominated the area and the underprivileged were not active participants.

She says giving access to land to previously-disadvantaged communities can help to address the problem.

“The parcel of land has already been identified. Some identified land is already free some is already been acquired or even from transferring hands from one hand to another. So it’s not things that we are going to think through we are dealing with. Throughout the  country there are those programs.”

On Thursday land had been returned to the Double Drift Community in the Eastern Cape. The community were dispossessed as a result of the 1913 land act to make way for the Double Drift Game Reserve. The local community received their title deeds in terms of the redistribution programme.