Mnangagwa acknowledges Zim financial woes

Emmerson Mnangagwa
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Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has acknowledged that the Southern African country is faced with the worst economic situation in a decade, which has led to fuel shortages, rising prices of basic commodities and medical drugs and a cash crisis.

Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, the Zanu-PF’s women’s league and the veterans league have both presented a motion that will see the age limit of presidential candidates increased.

Mnangagwa has also called on young people and women to be involved in the rebuilding of the economy.

Zanu-PF faces stiff competition from the youthful opposition led by Nelson Chamisa. Two of the party’s wings resolved that there is need for a constitutional amendment that would see the age limit for a presidential candidate being raised from the current 40 years to 52.

If successful that would render the main opposition leader Chamisa ineligible to contest the next two elections.  The resolution was passed by the Women’s league and the war Veterans.

“To the women’s league and the youth league and the war veterans of our liberation struggle, you have made your distinct demands which we have taken note of both as a party and as government. The party and government will do its best to fulfill that which we are able to do,” says Mnagangwa.

However, Mnangagwa still believes the youth should participate more in the affairs of the nation.

“You the youths you carry the York of becoming the future leaders of both the party and the country in future. Yours is to inculcate to future generation the patriotism, the peace the love and the unity you are inheriting from us. ”

The party is also calling on the amendment of the constitution to extend the period of the women’s quota system in parliament which comes to and end when the current parliament dissolves.