Minority Front leader Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi believes most government policies discriminate against South Africans of Indian origin.

She unveiled the party’s election manifesto in Chatsworth – south of Durban.

Thakur-Rajbansi believes government policies such as Affirmative Action have been benefiting only Blacks while South Africans of Indian origin – who were also marginalised under apartheid – are side lined.

She says, “Affirmative Action is only for groups that are discriminated against; it is not for majority groups. It is mainly for minority groups so today as it stands Affirmative Action will not stand a legal test. It will even not stand a constitutional test. So that is why we have together said enough is enough to some of those discriminatory policies, they have to go. When I’m in Parliament after May 8 we are going to the United Nations if they are not going to scrap it.”