The Attorney General of the State of Michigan in the United States has slammed President Donald Trump’s decision not to wear a mask while touring a manufacturing plant in her State on Thursday.

In an interview with the local news network, Dana Nessel called the President a petulant child after he ignored an Executive Order from the Governor of Michigan that requires those medically able to wear a face-covering in an enclosed space, to do so.

President Trump ignores requests from company executives and local officials to wear a mask while touring the facility that’s producing ventilators and masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Eliciting this response from Michigan top law enforcement officer Dana Nessel in an interview with CNN.

“The last thing we want to see is for this particular plant to have to close, to have to shutter its doors again because someone may have been infected by the President and that is a real possibility. It also sends a message that anybody can do whatever they want because look, the President did it so why can’t I? It’s a terrible message to send, it’s incredibly disappointing and it’s very disrespectful to the people of our state,” says Nessel.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance says the use of a face-covering helps slow the spread of COVID-19, particularly in enclosed spaces. The President asked to explain himself.

“I had one on before. I wore one in this back area, but I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. But, no, where I did have it in the back area I did put a mask on,” explains Trump.

Trump went on to answer a question that he also had goggles on.

“I did. I had goggles, goggles and a mask right back there”

He later also tweeted a response to the AG of Michigan, calling her a do nothing, adding that she should not be taking her anger and stupidity out on Ford, warning they might be upset and leave her state, taking jobs with them.

The President is also inclined to get back to his election rallies, which sees thousands flock to hear him speak despite CDC guidelines indicating that large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

“I don’t want to have a stadium where you’re supposed to have a person and then seven empty seats and then another person. So we might do some outdoor big ones, and we may also just wait till the stadiums can open up. I think it’s going to be soon. We’ll go to a place like Florida. We’ll go to a place like, maybe, Georgia, or some other place where they’re going to be opening up – whoever opens up first. The demand has been incredible to get going with the rallies. I just hear the music, in the background, I’m saying, we’ve had rallies like nobody’s ever had and we would love to get back to that. I think it’s going to be sooner rather than later,” says Trump.

The President is regularly tested at the White House but concerns were raised earlier this month when his Vice President’s press secretary tested positive the day after she had tested negative for COVID-19 sending herself and several administration officials who’d come into contact with her, into self-quarantine.