Mervyn Dirk’s decision to report Ramaphosa to Scopa described as unprecedented

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Political analyst Dr Ralph Mathekga has described as unprecedented African National Congress (ANC) MP Mervyn Dirk’s decision to write a letter to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa), about President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa is expected to receive official correspondence from Scopa no later than Thursday requesting him to provide a written response to the allegations that Dirks has made against him.

They relate to a leaked audio recording of an ANC NEC meeting in which Ramaphosa allegedly admitted that he was aware of state funds that were used for party political activities.

The entity at the centre of the allegations is the State Security Agency.

Mathekga says the Public Protector will inevitably get involved.

“Scopa is now sitting on this thing and the ANC is disciplining the person who raised this issue in the ANC caucus. But you cannot just reverse it because Dirk has been suspended, because there are other players who have a take on that and would like to take this further.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Public Protector says let me have a bite on this. We have indications that Dirk has also written to the State Capture Commission. It is almost now out of the ANC’s control because other parties might take interest. I don’t think it will just disappear because Dirk has been isolated,” adds Mathekga.

Meanwhile, an ANC Member of Scopa says it is premature to summon Ramaphosa to appear before Scopa, to provide information on the allegations Dirks has made against him.

Bheki Hadebe has told Scopa that he agrees with Parliament’s legal advisor that a summons should be the last resort in cases which people refuse to co-operate with the committee.

Hadebe says Scopa should rather request the President to respond in writing as has been done with others who have appeared before it.

“We cannot at this state think about forcing or ordering the President to appear before Scopa as if he has refused to cooperate with Scopa. I Bheki Hadebe as a Whip, I, therefore, move that the committee should first write to the President, alert [him] of these allegations and then request the President of the country to provide the committee with a written response.”

“Once that is done, allow Scopa sufficient time to process the response which will be in writing. Based on the written responses, we will then determine our next cause of action,” explains Hadebe.

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