Man pleads not guilty for allegedly raping employee

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The domestic worker, that was allegedly raped by her employer four days into the job in 2014, says she can’t find closure, while the case is still dragging in court.

The case was again postponed this week to allow the defence to lodge a review from the High Court.

This is after the Piet Retief regional court ordered that the DNA test be re-taken. However the accused refuses to re-do DNA tests.

Daniel Swartz pleaded not guilty for allegedly raping his former 41 year-old domestic worker. His lawyer claims there might have been tempering with the results.

Swartz was linked through DNA into the rape.

NPA’s Monica Nyuswa says, “The problem here is not DNA results but the labelling of the results where the complainant’s boyfriend’s name was put instead of the accused.”

The defence wants a higher court to rule against re-doing the DNA tests.

The prosecutor argued that re-doing the DNA test would not harm the accused’s case if indeed he is telling the truth when he says he didn’t have sexual intercourse   with the complainant

The court gave Swartz’s lawyers 14 days to file the application to the high court and the case is back at the same court on September 3.