Malawi becomes latest country to lift visa restrictions

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Visa-free travel is on the rise in Africa, with Malawi the latest country to ease restrictions.

Earlier this year, Kenya took an even bigger step, going visa-free for all visitors.

The move falls in line with the African Union Agenda 2063.

The flagship projects of Agenda 2063 are programmes and initiatives which have been identified as key to accelerating Africa’s economic growth and socio-development over a 50-year period. 

Kwame Senou, the Executive Director at The Holding Opinion and Public (THOP) Institute, a think tank that is committed to fostering Africa’s economic and human development, spoke to SABC News from Côte d’Ivoire

Senou says visa-free intra-Africa travel will lead to more accessible travel, increasing job opportunities and economic development.

“SA removed visa for Kenya from the 01 January 2023 and because of this, tourism increased a reported 97%  into SA from Kenya over that period. This is an example of what visa-free can do. It creates opportunity for growth, incites people to travel, growth through new ideas, tools and technology and new ways of thinking.”

Podcast: Visa-free travel on the rise in Africa with Malawi the latest country to ease restrictions