Limpopo farmers face challenges amid ongoing rainfall

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Persistent rainfall in Limpopo has brought both relief and challenges to farmers in the province. After enduring a period of scorching temperatures, farmers were initially pleased with the arrival of wet weather.

However, for Wendy Moshakga, a farmer at Lonsdale village near Polokwane, the continuous rainfall has posed new problems.

Moshakga, who grows beetroot and spinach, had recently suffered losses due to hail, and now the rain is affecting her routine.

“Every day after irrigating, you need to put some pesticide on the plants, but because it is raining every day, we don’t even have time for that,” she explains.

Despite the challenges, she acknowledges the importance of the rain, considering the recent drought and the presence of animals on the farm.

On the other hand, street vendors in the area have expressed concerns about the impact of the continuous downpours on their businesses.

The rain has kept potential customers indoors, resulting in a noticeable decline in profits.

A street vendor laments, “This rain has been a problem; customers are not coming through. We are buying stock and cooking food, but they are not buying. Our business is down, and we are hoping the rain will stop so our business can return to normal before the new year.”