Lesotho holds Local Government Elections

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The Kingdom of Lesotho is holding the 2023 Local Government Elections. This comes one year after the national elections.

However, local government elections continue to see a sharp decline in voter turnout.

The October 2022 polls were at an all-time low of 38%, which was a 10% points dip from the previous 2017 election.

With Lesotho falling under the least developed countries, local government elections are one slim opportunity to have a direct say in who will make the most impact in one’s local town and village.

But, once again, it looks like very few people are keen to make their mark count, a low point, even for election officers.

Presiding Officer, Nthabeleng Ntomane says, “For instance, where we are I don’t think we even reached 10%.”

“Listening to the local media, and judging by the traffic outflow to South Africa, it looks like many people would rather spend the holiday attending to more pressing matters.”