Lesotho closes voter registration ahead of June elections

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The first step to prepare for elections in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho has been completed. On Sunday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) closed registration of new voters, and transfer of voters who have moved.

The country goes to elections 3 years early after a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister. The tight election time-table gave voters only 6 days to register from when it was announced last Monday.

In less than 3 months the people of Lesotho will go to the polls again. The snap election has resulted in a very tight election timetable but it seems many are not deterred.

“We are encouraged to see that many people around, they have come out to register in multitudes, but usually they will register but not vote, we also urge them to go and vote,” said Dr Lletholetseng Ntsike from independent electoral commission.

Seventeen year olds who will be 18 on or before polling day on the 3rd of June also had only 6 days from Monday to register. New parties have targeted the youth in their campaigns, and they came come out in numbers.

I’m Retlotliloe Moiloa I’m 26, I want to register to vote because I want to be part of change for a Lesotho that can compete in the economically advancing world.”

The election timetable is passed by the Council of State, its dates are gazetted into law, and cannot be changed. It is still early days to tell who will vote for whom or where but IEC appeals to registered voters to come out on the 3rd of June.