Jacob Zuma Foundation declines to detail Zuma’s ailment

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The Jacob Zuma Foundation has declined to detail the ailment that former President Jacob Zuma is apparently being treated for in Russia. The foundation has also declined to reveal when Zuma will be back in South Africa.

The Foundation’s spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi elaborates, “He is there, and he’s been there since I think last week, or so- receiving medical attention. I am not in the position to breach the doctor patient confidentiality- there is no reason that he would have gone all the way to Russia, just to go and enjoy the weather- clearly he’s gone there because of health issues and that’s what is being attended to as we speak. As things stand now, he’s going through various procedures with medical people, they will say when it’s time for him to come home.”

Zuma’s Parole

The Foundation says it will await the decision of the Correctional Services Department on the status of former President’s parole.

This follows a decision by the Constitutional Court that dismissed the Department’s application for leave to appeal against a Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruling regarding Zuma’s medical parole.

In the ruling the Apex court found that the department’s appeal bore no reasonable prospect of success and dismissed the application with costs.

The Acting Correctional Services Commissioner will now have to make a decision based on the medical parole and other issues.

Manyi says as far as they understand, Zuma has served his sentence.

“It will be purely the decision of the Correctional Services, President Zuma, the foundation we’re not going to be interfering with that decision. We’re sitting and waiting, but we think that the position they issued in October 2022- hasn’t been anything persuasive to say that position is incorrect. This thing about going back to finish, was because at that time, there was still time to finish- that time to finish has come and gone. The hearing was in August, and the time to finish was in October, October has come and gone, and at that time President Zuma, carried on under correctional services’ prison conditions.”

VIDEO | Mzwanele Manyi confirms Zuma is in Russia for medical reasons: