Israeli ambassador’s departure welcomed: Africa4Palestine

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The Director of Africa4Palestine, Muhammed Desai, says they welcome the departure of the Israeli ambassador to South Africa.

This comes after Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that it had recalled its ambassador for consultations, following what it referred to as the latest statements from the country’s leadership.

The recall comes over a week after the International Relations Department formally reprimanded Ambassador Eliav Belotsercovsky over what it described as unfortunate conduct in relation to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Desai says South Africa and Palestine have good relations.

“The South African public has for years been mobilising in support of the Palestinian people. Recently, we’ve seen South Africans demonstrating, participating in protests and in other forms of actions against Israel’s attack on the Palestinian people. ..Also calling out Israel’s foundational apartheid policy which is the cause of the current situation that we are facing,” adds Desai.

VIDEO | The full interview with Africa4Palestine’s Muhammed Desai: