Distributors of the controversial film Inxeba, The Wound, are considering legal action following the age restriction being moved to 18 years.

The film has been taken off circuit after the Film Appeals Board ruled to move the age restriction from 16. It can now be found only at adult only stores.

“I’m going to quote for you directly from the letter sent to us by the FCB. The Wound will only be distributed from Bona Fide adult premises as licenced by film and classification board that means its adult venues it’s not feasible, obviously you know we took legal advice and we will be reverting legally,” explains managing Director of Indigenous Film Distribution, Helen Kuun.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa’s Tony Kgoroge says the makers of the movie, which has won several international awards, should have taken into account the sensitivities around the issues they tackle at home.

He says it is clear that they will need to educate investors.

“I think the movie was done from an artistic point of view rather than a holistic understanding of the story and where the story comes from and why certain things must be told and not told in the story and the little sensitive things that the director and the producers should have been aware of, but maybe they didn’t understand because they saw a piece of story that they can exploit.”