Investment by South African companies in Guinea-Bissau will benefit both countries: Ramaphosa

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South Africa wants to increase its energy capacity by exploring new opportunities in countries like Guinea Bissau.

President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted his Guinea Bissau counterpart, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, at the Union Buildings in Pretoria during a state visit.

The two leaders are discussing ways to improve relations. Currently, South Africa has been battling rolling blackouts as Eskom struggles to keep the lights on.


Guinea-Bissau State Visit | President Ramaphosa and President Embaló brief the media:

President Ramaphosa says cooperation will benefit both countries.

“It is our hope that we will be able to explore further opportunities your excellency, for investment by South African companies in Guinea Bisaau, in areas such agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing s well as infrastructure.

Such investment would benefit both our countries and enable Guniea Bissau to derive greater value from its natural resources and also providing South African companies with new opportunities benefit for growth.”

Embalo says they want to bring investors to their country to strengthen their economy that was battered by COVID-19.

He says South Africa is an important partner and he’s here to explore economic opportunists.

Embalo says his country has potential for oil exploration amid the global energy challenges.

“We want to strengthen our corporation in all areas of common interest. We want to attract investment in Guinea Bissau. We have important potential in agriculture, fisheries and exploration of oil.”


Guinea-Bissau State Visit | Defence Minister Thandi Modise on safety and security agreements: