Billions promised for production of electric vehicles: Patel

Electric vehicles charging
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Trade and Industry Minister, Ebrahim Patel says a number of private companies have promised to invest billions of rands in support of the manufacturing of the electric vehicles in the country.

This comes as China leads the transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric cars.

The US has also embarked on a massive reshaping of its industries toward renewable energy.

Patel says some of them have already coughed up huge amounts towards the investments of this work.

He says, “The Ford Motor Company announced a R5.2 billion investment for the production of the Ford range pledge in hybrid electric vehicles in Silverton in Tshwane. Sunelex pledged an investment of R10 billion towards energy projects.”

“Amazon has announced an investment for data centre infrastructure and solar projects with an estimated 6 500 jobs to be created over the life of the construction.”

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