IEC sets path to 2019 Elections

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With only two months until the 2019 Elections, the Electoral Commission (IEC) has released the timetable for the 2019 National and Provincial Elections.

In terms of section 20 of the Electoral Act, the Commission has set out time frames so as to ensure that come 8 May all is in place to ensure that the country will be able to successfully manage a free and fair election.

The revised timetable, which was gazetted on 6 March 2019 contains a number of changes in line with the Electoral Laws Amendment Act (Act 1 of 2019).

The timetable sets out a number of targets, including associated amendments to the Electoral regulations, Voter registration regulations and regulations concerning the submission of Lists of Candidates.

The Gazette also includes a correction to the election timetable in order to incorporate provisions for the Commission to notify political parties of candidates appearing on multiple party lists (by 26 March 2019) and providing affected parties with the opportunity to submit revised or substituted lists for these candidates (by 28 March 2019) in line with the amendment of section 28 of the Electoral Act.