KZN gears up for voter registration with over 4 900 voting stations

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The Independent Electoral Commission’s Chief Electoral Officer in KwaZulu-Natal, Ntombifuthi Masinga, says more than 4 900 voting stations will be opened during this weekend’s voter registration campaign.

The registration weekend allows potential voters to register, re-register and to update their address details for next year’s general elections.

Masinga says all polling stations will be accessible, despite the fact that many areas in the province were badly affected by flooding last year.

“What we do is that through the provincial government of KwaZulu-Natal we have a structure that is representative of all the departments, where the Department of Transport is also represented, where we are able to share information on the state of infrastructure in voting stations. And if there’s a need for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure we are able to communicate directly with the department that is affected, we did the same thing going into the registration weekend. We will do it again in preparation for the elections, but we are aware that whatever we submitted to them they’ve done their best to make sure these voting stations are accessible.”

Masinga says the IEC is working with the security cluster and political parties to ensure that there is stability in the province.

“Luckily going into the registration weekend we do not have any voting stations that have been categorised as high profile, which is quite common but we do expect that the situation might change going into elections because there is a tendency for people who have grievances around a service delivery to use elections to voice out their grievances. And I do expect that at some point as we get closer to the elections, we may have situations where we may need to intervene with the security established to ensure that we have stability and the environment that is conducive for us to deliver a decent election in the province.”

The IEC has stressed the importance of registering to vote in the 2024 elections: