IEC Commissioner to have independent mindset, free from party politics: Oliver Josie

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Advocate Oliver Josie, a candidate for Electoral Commission Commissioner (IEC), believes that independence is a critical need for the position.

Josie is one of the 12 shortlisted candidates appearing before a panel led by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, tasked with filling a vacancy in the Chapter 9 institution in Sandton.

The IEC’s primary task, as enshrined in the Constitution, is to ensure free and fair elections.

When questioned about the qualities a Commissioner should possess, Josie had this to say: “I think one of the key requirements, the legislation as well, especially the qualities of a commissioner, is that independent mindset and being free from any party politics as well. If you look at my career, Chief Justice, I’ve not been involved in any party politics. I have not held any senior positions in any political party. I come with that independence as well, an independent mindset. There hasn’t been any controversy regarding whether I’ve been involved in politics or not, so I think that mindset is quite important.”

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