HIV/Aids pandemic rate slowing down

HIV/Aids ribbon
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HIV/Aids has had far reaching socio-economic consequences in South Africa, however research indicates that the rate at which the pandemic is infecting the population is slowing down.

The rate declined from 1.9% in 2002 to 0.9% in 2017. South Africa has had the biggest HIV/Aids epidemic in the world.

This has shrunk the labour pool and decreased productivity. Economist says despite the decline in the impact of HIV/Aids, government continues to spend more money on fighting HIV/Aids than other countries.

“Our health care spends a lot higher than other countries. Government’s earning has to spend a lot more money on fighting HIV and other diseases that are coming to the patient like tuberculosis, and as the economy we spend a lot more.

“The second thing is the life expectancy in South Africa is the 14th lowest in the world and that also is contributed by HIV/Aids and that means there’s not enough time to recuperate in Investments and Education,” says Economist Mike Schussler.