Gift of the Givers office head in Gaza killed

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The Gift of the Givers says their office head in Gaza, Ahmed Abbasi, has been killed by Israeli forces.

Through a Facebook post, the NGO states that Abbasi was returning from Thursday morning prayer with his brother when they both were killed.

Gift of the Givers described the father of three as a kind, gentle and warm human being.

Abbasi was appointed as the head of the Gift of the Givers office in the region in 2013.

He was responsible for implementing multiple projects including the care of orphans, widows, the elderly and ill. Abbasi also delivered water through our desalination plants, distributed food parcels, provided hot meals and upgraded damaged homes.

The NGO says, “A few days ago, he mentioned that, “It’s better to sit with his family of 34 in their own apartment and wait for their turn to die in dignity, as unarmed martyrs, rather than run from place to place as directed by the Israel Defence Forces.”