Fuel price putting potato farmers under pressure

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A potato farmer in Limpopo says the recent steep fuel hike may prompt the farmers to increase the price of their produce.  

One of the biggest potato farmers in the Vivo area, North West of Polokwane, Tshianeo Mathidi, says there is a high possibility of price increases and cutting down of his labour force. 

“I think the most important thing is that we, in farming, are running a business and the pricing is based on the cost that have been incurred and because the cost of fuel will make us increase the prices. It means we are going to charge you consumers. Be ready to pay more on the product that was less before.” 

Meanwhile, some hawkers in Polokwane in Limpopo, who use potatoes for their food businesses have expressed concern over possible potato price hikes. 

“It is already affecting us so much, potato prices keep on going up and our Kota business is not going well. When the potatoes are expensive, we end up buying poor quality and small potatoes and we no longer get profit in our business. We are going to lose our customers because some of them are unemployed and they depending on grant.”