PAPPI holds protests around the country amid expected record high fuel price increase

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A group called the People Against Petrol and Paraffin Increases (PAPPI) has held protests around the country against the looming petrol price increase, an action they refer to as the ‘switch-off’ campaign.

It is estimated that there will be an increase of at least R3 per litre on petrol in June, and it is still unclear if government will extend the R1.50 petrol levy exemption that was factored in last month, to ease the skyrocketing petrol prices.

The new petrol price is expected to take effect at midnight on Tuesday.

South Africa faces major fuel price increase in June:

However, a final price has yet to be released by authorities.

PAPPI chairperson Visvin Reddy says the hike will not only affect motorists.

“On Wednesday, government will increase fuel prices by over R3 per litre. That will be the highest increase in recorded history. It will bring our fuel prices to extremely unaffordable prices, and this is catastrophic not only for motorists, but all South Africans.”

“Because as the fuel prices increase, so will the cost of living for everybody, and the hardest hit will be the poorest of the poor,” explains Reddy.

Below is the full interview with Visvin Reddy: