Fuel price hike won’t affect taxi fares: Santaco

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The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) says the recent increase in fuel prices won’t affect the current taxi fares.

The Energy Department has announced steep fuel price increases which took effect at midnight last night.

Both grades of petrol have gone up by 75 cents per litre. Diesel has increased by 70 and 75 cents per litre, while illuminating paraffin is up by 71 cents per litre.

The Santaco National Spokesperson, Rebecca Phala, says their fares index policy stipulates that there should only be an increase once a year.

Phala says, “We also don’t want a situation where, we increase fare as in when the price in fuel is higher up, because then we’ll find ourselves operating a business that’s not really lucrative, because now it’s too expensive for ordinary South Africans.”

“We are assessing the situation, should it be that it gets to a point where it is too hard and unbearable, then some of especially our lucrative routes will then start to introduce increases,” she adds.

VIDEO: Economist Johann Els on economic impact of fuel price hike: