Former Botswana President Khama claims warrant of arrest against him is ‘harassment’

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Former Botswana’s President Ian Khama says the reported warrant of arrest issued against him and other close associates by a Magistrate Court is a confirmation of harassment by the government of Botswana.

A warrant of arrest has been issued against him and other close associates by the regional magistrate in Broadhurst, Botswana.

Speaking exclusively to SABC, the former head of state says if law enforcement agencies in his country evoke the extradition treaty that binds South Africa and Botswana, the matter will have to be ventilated in a foreign court.

Khama says he will expose those behind his current challenges.

“That is something that I will welcome. It will assist me to divulge to reveal, to expose in a foreign court what has been going on in Botswana. So all the evidence they think they have against me I will also have the evidence to show that it is all fabricated and trumped up. So for me, it will be a wonderful opportunity to be able to show everybody in this country, everywhere else exactly what has been going on.”

Former Botswana President Ian Khama reacts to the issuance of an arrest warrant against him:

2024 elections

Khama says he will campaign in the country’s 2024 elections. He says the people of Botswana need a change of government. The former head of the state says he will return to Botswana at some point.

“I am going to campaign very rigorously to ensure that there is regime change in Botswana because the country, the poor people of Botswana are suffering a lot of pain due to his misrule and incompetence. A totally failed leader. The corruption that has taken place under him. I have said I am going to be there at the forefront. I believe I still have some influence.”