Former Chief Operations Officer at facility and management company Bosasa has revealed that, despite his wife not working for the company, she received a monthly salary unlawfully.

Angelo Agrizzi is on the witness stand at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture underway in Parktown, Johannesburg. He is expected to implicate himself, along with 38 high-ranking officials at the company for various acts of wrongdoing and corruption.

Agrizzi says his wife previously worked as his Personal Assistant under the company Molope and was dismissed after he resigned.

“My wife was employed as well as myself. We’d done that on the advice of Dr Jurgen Smith at that moment. Two reasons; for the pension benefits and also for the tax purposes. The relevant factors that my wife was actually my Personal Assistant in Molope and when I left Molope because I was in a senior position, she obviously wouldn’t be a Personal Assistant at Molope anymore. So, she was dismissed as I joined an opposition company.”

Agrizzi says it took him long to speak out on the happenings at the company because he became so involved in what he started to believe was right.

“I had become blunt in understanding what was happening at this stage. I had become very accepting and unfortunately it happens to a lot of people, and my urge as well is for people out there especially in Bosasa to start coming forward as well. So I was blunt I kept quiet and I should have exposed unlawfully activities from day one,” Agrizzi revealed.

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