Food delivery business booming under Level 4 lockdown

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With sit-ins and drive-throughs off-limits, motorbikes are hitting the ground for hungry customers. The food delivery business is said to be booming under Level 4 lockdown.

According to the rules of the less stringent lockdown, customers are not allowed to get inside restaurants but to rather opt for ordering their food and have it delivered to them.

In the video below, government allows restaurants to make deliveries: 

Biker, Melusi Moyo, says before he collects food for delivery, he first has to sanitise. He also says that social distancing is non-negotiable.

“We are trying by all means to go against this disease COVID-19,” Moyo charges.

Moyo says he has never been busier. He does at least 20 deliveries per day.

“Everyone is a suspect. We must be sure of this disease; it doesn’t know colour or race. I must keep a .8 metres or 2 metres away. He (the customer) must tell me where to put my bag.”

Many food delivery bikers are grateful to have a job that can help others stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are protecting them because if they all come here to buy, it will be easy for them to pass the disease,” one said.

For most, it is a bread and butter issue.

“You can make at least 15, but at the end of the day we can support our families,” says food delivery biker, Brian Hove.

In the video below, is a discussion on the effects of the lockdown on restaurants: 

Fast food outlet CEO Greg Solomon says takeaways would relieve a lot of congestion.

“We also can’t wait for takes away to open. When the government gives us permission to do that, that will relieve a lot of congestion.”

For now though, fast food lovers and couriers are all thrilled.