While South Africans grapple to deal with the lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, runners and fitness fanatics are making the most of being confined to their homes. Many are ensuring that they keep moving, even if it means literally running circles around their homes.

Runners and gym-goers are feeling the stress of not being able to achieve their weekly targets, but South Africans have started looking for creative ways to keep fit, even in confined spaces. They have been using things around the house that they would normally throw away as fitness aids.

In the video below, South African Rugby 7’s Captain, Siviwe ‘Shakes’ Soyizwapi discusses the importance of nutrition, fitness and health during the lockdown:

Khanyisile Zondi says she won’t allow herself to fall off the wagon. She has included skipping and weight training in her lockdown workouts by using empty containers filled with water as weights.

“I have engaged in a skipping rope challenge. It’s very challenging. I have a wheel that I use for my abs. What I miss most about the gym is the weights, but that is not a problem as I’m using 500ml containers. I put water inside and use them as my dumbbells.”

Marathon runners Tiffany Callaghan and Dave Saunderson have opted to run around their home. They have also entered the Mzansi virtual marathon. By the end of the 21-day lockdown, they would have competed 3 marathons around their house.

“It all started out really strange. I didn’t really think I could run around the garden more than once, but it becomes natural. We decided we want to keep fit and healthy, so we run. We normally run about two or three times a week; maybe four. We have a really big garden. We call it our soccer field. We have three boys and they play soccer there quite regularly. So, we’re one of the lucky residents here in Westville. We’ve been able to run quite a long distance everyday. We’ve been managing about 6km.”

In the video below, is a report on how fitness fanatics keep themselves busy during the lockdown:

Nosipho Mbhele says sharing and watching what others do on social media provides a variety of options for exercising.

“Sometimes, I look at other videos of what other people are doing and actually, apply it here on my routine. That actually helps by relating to other people who are in the same space of lockdown, who usually do home workouts and you won’t get bored by the same exercises all the time.”

Spokesperson for Education in KwaZulu-Natal Muzi Mahlambi says jogging around the house has made him note the things that need maintenance.

“You tend to not value things that are lying around the yard and all of a sudden, those things have value that you are able to make use of to train. Again, when jogging around the house, you’re able to realise certain things that need maintenance, otherwise you’ll not be in a position when you come back from the gym. You just pack the car in the garage and get into the house.”

Parents are also benefitting as the little ones are doing chores at home. This is another form of exercise.

Health experts agree that this is the time to keep active to reduce stress and be healthier.