FF Plus surprised by ActionSA’s withdrawal from Ekurhuleni coalition

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The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) says ActionSA’s decision to withdraw from the DA-led multiparty coalition in Ekurhuleni came as a surprise.

ActionSA says its withdrawal follows concerns over the instability of the minority government.

FF Plus MP Corné Mulder says ActionSA did not notify coalition partners of their intent to withdraw.

“It came as a surprise. I think I did not expect that. In terms of the provisions of the coalition agreement, clause 8, they are supposed to let the other coalition partners know of their intent which they did not do. ActionSA decided not to inform us, I don’t know why. They held a press conference to announce that. So, it was a surprise, definitely yes.”

ActionSA says although it supports the coalition government it will not take up any Mayoral Committee position in the council.

Chairperson Michael Beaumont says their decision to leave the executive was influenced by the fact that almost 60% of residents say things were not going in the right direction in the last 12 months.

He says a number of coalition agreements were not implemented.

More details on ActionSA’s withdrawal from the coalition in the report below: