FF-Plus concerned about implementation of Political Party Funding Act

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The Freedom Front Plus (FF-Plus) says it is unfortunate that political parties will go into the elections without transparency on who their donors are.

This comes as the implementation of the Political Party Funding Act only comes into effect from the 1 April.  President Cyril Ramaphosa recently signed the legislation which has been with him for more than six months.

Some of the provisions in the new legislation would require parties to reveal their donors and it also prohibits parties from receiving foreign donations once the implementation date kicks in.

“At least after a long struggle the bill was on the table of the President since 29 June last year, -he finally signed the bill, it was promulgated. But the problem is that it was written so that it would be in place before the 2019 election. And now it seems that the IEC is of the view that they will only implement it on t 1 April. If that’s the case, it will not assist South Africans in this process, because what it means is that we will still go into the election without transparency in terms of where the funding of parties come from and that is not acceptable.  We have to re-look at that,” says FF-Plus Chief Whip is Corne Mulde.  Click below for more on the story: