Face masks and latex gloves: Nicaraguan boxers prepare for fight amid virus measures

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Boxers in Nicaragua’s capital were weighed in on Friday, as the country prepares to host a boxing tournament with thousands expected to attend, despite measures by other major world sporting bodies cancelling events to stem the tide of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

The eight-fight card boxing match will take place in the Alexis Arguello Sports Complex, one of the capital’s major stadiums, on Saturday.

According to reports, Nicaragua has confirmed only 11 cases of coronavirus, with three deaths.

Organisers are taking measures to combat the spread of the highly infectious novel coronavirus, requiring spectators to keep a one-metre distance between them. Medics will also perform temperatures checks at the stadium entrance.

Sports reporter Miguel Mendoza however has questioned the need for the fights to be attended physically by fans.

“If it’s said that keeping distance is better than why not put it on television behind closed doors, the activity takes place, measures are taken and the public is not put at risk,” Mendoza told Reuters on Friday.

The coronavirus  is transmitted from person to person via droplets when an infected person breathes out, coughs or sneezes. It can also spread via contaminated surfaces such as door handles or railings