Eskom transfers load shedding operations to Johannesburg’s City Power

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Eskom will officially hand over the responsibility of load shedding operations to Johannesburg’s City Power for the majority of areas previously affected by blackouts.

The transition, effective from November 6, aims to streamline the management of load shedding, ensuring a more efficient distribution of power during periods of high demand. However, specific areas in Roodepoort, Randburg, Midrand, and Alexandra, supplied by City Power, will continue to be managed by Eskom due to the complex technical configuration of the network.

Eskom said Stage 2 and 3 load shedding will be implemented until further notice:

Amanda Qithi, the Eskom Gauteng spokesperson, emphasised that the transfer of load shedding operations to City Power would necessitate changes to the existing load shedding blocks and schedules, impacting affected residents’ daily routines. Despite the transition, areas serviced by City Power will maintain a two-hour load shedding schedule, even during stages 5 and above of load shedding.

“We are committed to ensuring the security of electricity supply remains stable throughout this transition. The revised blocks and schedules will be made available for both City Power and Eskom customers on our respective websites starting from the 6th of November 2023,” stated Qithi.

As the revised load shedding blocks and schedules come into effect, residents are encouraged to stay updated through the official Eskom and City Power websites, facilitating better preparation and management of the potential impact of blackouts on their daily lives.

Eskom announces annual financial results: