Eskom promises no load shedding in the build-up to Christmas

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Some peace of mind for South Africans as Eskom promises no load shedding in the build-up to Christmas. The power utility says despite a constrained and vulnerable system, scheduled power cuts are so far not on the cards.

It says there is a drop in demand during the holiday period and some generating units have returned to service. It’s confirmed emergency diesel to supplement capacity haven’t been used since Sunday.

Eskom has in the past few weeks struggled to keep the lights on following heavy rains and it’s also blaming sabotage as one of the reasons that the country is struggling with power cuts. It says the possibility of load shedding remains as the system continues to be vulnerable and unpredictable.

Eskom says technical teams continue to work over the holiday period to monitor the situation and carry out planned maintenance. The utility is calling on South Africans to use electricity sparingly to help avoid and lessen load shedding possibilities.