Ermelo residents urge govt to take action against drug abuse

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Residents of Ermelo in Mpumalanga are calling for the government to intervene in the fight against the alarming level of drug abuse in the area.

Locals say the number of young people who are hooked on drugs has increased tremendously in the area.

A local pastor, Kholwani Ngcongwane, says the establishment of a facility such as a rehabilitation centre could assist in dealing with the problem.

“We need more centres and especially the rehabilitation centre, especially because the process is taking so long. I had an interaction with the Department of Social Development (DSD) and they also mentioned that they do help them. But their process takes longer. So now I don’t know if the government can help us bring something that will be quicker. You know, one of them can say, today I am deciding to leave Nyaope and you find that the problem is the process via DSD.”

Some of the young people who are hooked on drugs believe that the easy availability of narcotics such as Nyaope contributes to the high rate of substance abuse in the area.

“It’s something like a schedule 8 or schedule 7 type of tablet. To get off is a highly addictive drug made for mankind. It’s cheap and affordable; anyone can get it anywhere for R20, R15, R5, or R10. It depends on the scale you want.

“You must go and hussle so that you can get some money to buy some smoke.