The global lockdown as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a remarkable impact on the environment. That’s according to Bukelwa Nzimande, Climate and Energy campaigner at Greenpeace Africa.

Global lockdowns in some of the world’s largest economies like India, China and the United Kingdom have meant that most factories, markets, shops, public transport and construction have been halted. This has resulted in cleaner air and clearer water on planet earth.

Nzimande says the virus has forced a change in human behaviour thus positively impacting the environment.

“Cities have reported and recognised the silver lining amidst this dark cloud that we all face as a collective. There have been reports of cleaner water and cleaner air due to less pollution. There are less cars on the road a fewer industries in operation. What the virus has done … it has forced humanity governments and corporates to make decisions resulting in this positive change.”